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I Don’t Know Either

July 26, 2010

The Five Most Endangered Words on the Internet

Yes. This is the other half of my previous post. This is what got me today.

Let me think about that? No no. There’s no time for that. Comments must be made or the moment is lost!

But that’s not what I want to do, or how I want to operate. There are enough comments being made in the moment; I’d like to have a more considered position. Perhaps I just don’t think and write fast enough to whip out quality work that captures all the nuances of something like the war logs story. That’s possible. But I think the reality is that when turnaround time compresses, there’s pressure to throw out the first thing that comes to mind. Sometimes that’s valuable, and sometimes it means that something that should or could matter is chewed up and spit out without any real digestion (yes, that’s a faulty metaphor; let’s move on).

And again, I’m still just laying the ground terms for myself on how I intend to write in this blog. I’m keeping the focus on quality thought rather than instant gratification, no matter how much I might want to share my spare change.


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