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Absence Makes the Heart Grow…

October 25, 2010

Sorry for the radio silence around here, and welcome to anybody who came here because I happen to wear a panda hat sometimes! (What? It’s comfortable and warm! Let’s not get all judgmental).

Anyway, the past month has been… eventful, and I’ll probably need to update the About Me section in the near future. I know I promised some comments on small arms proliferation, and that’ll happen —

— oh. That’s the other problem with getting any momentum behind small arms control. There’s no real sense of urgency because they’re so unremarkable. Right. —

— soon. I just wanted to drop in here and say hello to the people who’ve found me recently. I’m mildly terrified that you’re here.

P.S. Courtesy of my awesome friend over at ISOA, tomorrow I’ll be at AUSA2010, which promises to be a riot of small arms, bigger arms, and exoskeletons. I imagine blogging inspiration will be everywhere. And no, the panda hat is not coming with me, thereby dashing all our hopes of seeing a soldier in an exoskeleton AND a panda hat. The world just isn’t ready for that.


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