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Sniper Rifles to Afghanistan? Yes Please! Wait. No.

January 13, 2011

Jason Sigger over at Armchair Generalist highlights a recent defense contract announcement for $8.9M that provides 1,212 M24 sniper rifles to the government of Afghanistan. He’s just spot-on with his assessment:

What exactly do you think is going to happen when the Afghan National Army gets more than a thousand sniper rifles while our troops are still in theater? Just as our government did with Iraq, there is this strange rush to give Afghanistan all the top-of-the-line US military gear that is possible, without any thought as to whether that country can sustain – or safely retain – said weapon systems. Do you think DOD learned anything when thousands of military guns went unaccounted for in Iraq? Insanely stupid.

Quite. I’d even take it a step further than our current conflict. One of the primary ways for firearms to enter the global black market is through theft of government supplies. And remember how well-cared-for guns can take a long time to become nonfunctional? Hopefully our troops won’t see these from the wrong end down the road, but y’never know. Danger’s too high for my tastes, but hey, what do I know? Maybe the Afghans have a legitimate need for over a thousand sniper rifles. Maybe this is what’ll turn the war around!

Maybe I just injured myself with sarcasm.


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