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The Arms Trade Treaty Doesn’t Care About Your Guns

June 9, 2011
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I’ve got a post up at UN Dispatch on the Arms Trade Treaty and how it won’t take your guns away, regardless of what Larry “Chicken Little” Bell wants you to believe. And hey, you’ll even be able to keep buying guns! Unless you’re buying them from shady companies in Iran, in which case, you have bigger problems than the ATT. Or if you’re trying to equip your army of child soldiers. That’ll be a little harder in the future, maybe. Just fair warning.


Anyway, give it a read and lemme know your thoughts. I’m still mulling over the value of the ATT and the potential pitfalls it’ll face, so expect more from me on this over the next year.


[also, apologies for the light post volume lately, not that you’re surprised. no excuses besides life getting in the way of writing. gotta get that Caitlin in here more often…]

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  1. mike baricevich permalink
    June 15, 2011 10:52 pm

    Given the composition of the UN Commission in question and the definite anti-Israel bias wouldn’t “common sense” link this issue to another move to destroy Israel? Defining them as a terrorist state, an annual request, means we won’t send them arms. Also are you lumping in John Bolton with the “cranks”?

    I mean your experience is “common sense”, how does that compare to someone who actually sat in face to face negotiations and meetings like John Bolton.

    Mr. Obama is anti-gun and has never voted to support or protect gun owners. Mr Obama and Mrs Clinton have blocked, by fiat, the importation of collectible M1 rifles, an obsolete as a military arm, lent to Korea from 1950-53. Government property that could come home, be bought by collectors, and treasured. You know rifle like grandpa carried in that landing craft on D-Day. Maybe you could blog about how we’re unable to collect them and honor those who gave all to protect our rights.

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