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Movin’ On Up

September 29, 2011

So. Okay. The past week. Wow. It was a *week*. Things Happened, and frankly I’m as surprised as anybody. Let’s recap:

First up, I want to welcome new co-bloggers Jonathan Rue, Skylar Gerrond, and Daveed Gartenstein-Ross to the Gunpowder & Lead fold. They’re a smart and thoughtful bunch with broad-ranging interests and great senses of humor, and I’m thrilled that they could be bribed into blogging with Caitlin and me. Check out their bios and their first posts if you haven’t already; I imagine you’ll be pretty okay with hearing from them on a regular basis. I know I will.

They’re also easily among my favorite Twitterpeople (@wjrue@JimmySky, and @DaveedGR) and I highly recommend you follow them if you’re into that sort of thing.

Undated photo of Jonathan, Sky, and Daveed. Not pictured: some dudes who got in their way.

Second, Gunpowder & Lead has accepted an invitation from CNN’s Global Public Square blog to join their aggregation rolls and occasionally to write exclusive content for them (did you see Caitlin’s piece? No? Go read that. I’ll wait.). GPS is a heavily edited aggregated feed, so you might not see us over there all that frequently – my capacity to not curse (or get teary) while blogging is limited, and honestly, I enjoy the laid-back feel of G&L – but we’re excited for the opportunity, and I hope we’ll get up there with the serious types that populate GPS every now and then.

Third, just as an FYI, I wrote another piece about cluster munitions for the Atlantic last week. If you’re interested, I’d highly recommend reading the comment section as well (instead?); there are some important points in there, and I have follow-up thoughts which I will almost assuredly fail to write about in a timely fashion. Good intentions, etc. I also guest lectured a couple classes at my alma mater last week, which was a trip – if these kids are anything to go by, I feel much better about the future. If there’s any interest, maybe I’ll post my outlines, at least for War, Weapons, and Arms Control. The Intro to Peace and Conflict Studies class got a little wide-ranging and off-topic, and I couldn’t recreate that if I tried.

Part of my interest in adding co-bloggers stems from the awesome but time-consuming writing and other opportunities that keep coming my way (plus a demanding day job, plus other life commitments like sleeping sometimes). G&L was looking a little sickly for a while there, and frankly, it’s just much more fun to have co-bloggers. And did I mention they’re smart?

More than that, though, there are a lot of smart people out there who deserve a platform, and I think it’s important to get other voices into the conversation – women, men, vets, undergrads, PhDs, sockpuppets, Shabaab leaders, whatever. While G&L’s readership isn’t enormous, y’all are a bunch of good eggs, and if you’re interested in guest posting, please let me know.

Which brings me to…

Fourth, and most importantly, a huge, huge thank you to everybody who’s stopped by, read, commented, linked, tweeted, listened, wondered what the hell is going on, etc. Your feedback and interest makes this endeavor incredibly gratifying. If you went away, we’d probably still write, but it’d be a sadder, lonelier experience. And we’d just be talking to each other, and frankly, we talk to each other a lot as it is. So thank you. Y’all rock.

This got stuck in my head. Now it’s yours. You’re welcome!


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