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Originally a place to discuss small arms without shouting, Gunpowder & Lead rapidly evolved into a mixed bag of security-oriented topics, including international relations, foreign policy, the U.S. military, foreign militaries, the international arms trade, strategy (and strategery), and defense writ large, with the occasional domestic gun post thrown in for fun. Sometimes we get a little meta and talk about ladies, whiskey, leadership, the sociology of foreign policy, and talking to people on the Internet.



Diana is a freelance writer, analyst, and nonprofit management professional based in Washington, DC. She has written for The Atlantic and is a regular contributor to United Nations Dispatch on a range of security issues. Diana founded Gunpowder & Lead as an effort to put debates about small arms into a more human – and less shrill – context.

A graduate of Oberlin College, Diana has worked in fundraising and business development for nonprofits for several years. She’s been talking to people on the Internet for over 15 years and is a die-hard social media devotee. She was named a dynamic foreign policy tweeter by CNN and Andrew Sullivan once approved of her thoughts on meeting internet people for drinks.

Diana can be reached at or on Twitter @dianawueger.



Caitlin Fitzgerald is a development consultant, nonprofiteer, and writer based in Boston, MA. She holds a Masters degree in International Relations with a concentration in Middle East studies from Boston University.

Caitlin is best known around the Internet for Clausewitz for Kids, a one-woman effort to condense Clausewitz’s On War for the playground set (and the short-attention-spanned). When not painting woodland creatures, Caitlin researches and writes on foreign policy and security, the Middle East, and civil-military relations.

Caitlin can be reached at or on Twitter @caidid.



Jonathan Rue is a former active duty Marine officer where he deployed to Iraq as an advisor to the Iraqi army. Previously, he worked as a civilian contractor to DoD. He received a master’s degree in International Relations from the London School of Economics and bachelor’s degrees in History and Political Science from the University of Georgia. Currently, he works at a Washington, DC area think tank where he studies the Persian Gulf, conventional military capabilities, and U.S. defense policy.

Jonathan can be reached on Twitter @wjrue.



Sky is a former Air Force Security Forces officer who served 7 years in nuclear security, law enforcement and rapid acquisition. During this time he deployed to Iraq twice and worked extensively within the combined US/Iraqi detention system. Currently he works as a civilian for the Department of Defense and has experience in test and evaluation, program management and rapid fielding of emerging technologies.

Sky attended college in Manhattan (this one, not that one) and holds degrees in Sociology and Spanish. He is a self-proclaimed expert on data visualization and organizational process, and defense acquisition. He lives in San Antonio with his wife and two sons.

Sky can be reached at or on Twitter at @JimmySky.



Daveed Gartenstein-Ross is the Ice Cube of CT polemics. He is an academic and intellectual ronin, adept at eviscerating all comers. Occasionally drops 20KT bombs on the unsuspecting.

Daveed can be reached on Twitter @daveedgr.

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